I am a simple and little bit broad minded girl/woman(as I am married just now, have to feel like a woman 😛 ). Oh Please! don’t guess my age now.

Professionally, I am a web developer working in a well-known company. Also, I do some freelancing as and when I get some free time. WordPress is my professional hobby, you can say. I really don’t like to get into core coding. But, have a good sense of colours and like to play around with the colours. Colours are the reason which got me into this profession.

In my personal life, I am very much fond of dancing, cooking, making rangolis and travelling. Oh wait! Travelling is not really my hobby but, I am totally addicted to it. You’ll surely get to read some of my travelling experiences here. Other than travelling, I live for food. I love to try different kind of delicacies. So basically, I am a food panda who loves to travel.

This blog is to just share a few good, better, best things happening in my day to day life. No deep thinking and no big drama. I Promise!

Currently, I’m the Editor of रंगभूमी.com where I write about Marathi Natak Reviews, Marathi Theatre Industry News, etc. I’m also the Curator at SF.w — the best place to watch short films online.