Happy Women’s Day — 365 Days A Year

Cheers, Queens!!! I hope you are enjoying. Not only today but other 364 days of the year as well. Happy Women’s Day to all of you. On this opportunity, I would love to appreciate each and every lady who is becoming a Superwoman day by day. She can be anything. A Daughter, Wife, Mother, Grandmother or a Sister. More precisely, I would say a Girl…of any age group. Be proud of yourselves. You should be!

A Happy Woman Day

My concept behind Happy Women’s day is pretty simple. If an individual woman is happy, Its a Happy Woman Day for her and if all women are happy, then it becomes a Happy Women’s Day. But, if some of them are not happy, then that is a problem. So, let’s make sure that all women around us are happy every day and not just today. They deserve to be happy. Don’t they?

She Is A Superwoman!

She is beautiful. She is kind. She is strong. She is bold and more than all of this, she is confident. From travelling daily in Trains, Buses and Auto through all the crowdy places for the job to, keeping everyone happy in the family, she has to be perfect all the time. She can’t miss the morning train and she can’t take out her frustration or anger on anyone in personal or professional life. Everything has to be balanced. Every Day! Tough task.

Make Her Stronger

We need to make her stronger and do you know who can do this? Another Woman. A woman can make another woman stronger. Stop telling your daughters and other women what not to wear and start telling your sons how to respect a woman. When we talk about Women Empowerment and Gender Equality, take a look at the society and ask yourselves if we have reached our goal to achieve these. Let’s start with this…Are you treating your son and daughter the same? If Yes, then Congratulations! and if not, a loud wake-up alarm for you!

You Are Her Future

I hope you are realizing one thing. We are creating a woman’s future. The way every woman is portraying herself in the present is how she’ll be treated in the future. So, be a Queen in your own life. Don’t let anyone ruin your freedom and your wishes. Take a stand against all wrong things happening around you. Otherwise, the same things will keep repeating themselves and our future generations will have to suffer a lot. We have a chance to stop this chain right here!

So, Let’s take a pledge of celebrating 365 Happy Women’s Days a Year. A huge salute to your courage and achievements. Keep Smiling…Keep Rocking…Keep Flaunting…Love you all 🙂