My First Manglagaur

This celebration is made for newly married brides in Maharashtra, India.On the Tuesday of the month of Shravan after her marriage, newly married bride performs pooja of shiv linga and prays for the well-being of her husband and family.Later in the evening get-together of married women is arranged and they play various games and sings special songs of Mangala gaur.In some regions, newly married ladies do this vrat/pooja for 5 years. But, I completed this Mangla Gaur vrat in the first year itself.

As it includes dancing and singing, Mangla Gaur was a lot of fun for me. This was a unique experience for me.The songs which are included while playing games are fun and based on a day to day life of women. And this celebration continues whole night. Women enjoy a lot this celebration and also some special food is prepared. Also, the newly married bride is asked to say her husband’s name woven in rhyming lines…it is called as Ukhana or Navv ghene in Marathi.

It is said that performing Mangala Gauri Vrata gives a woman a prosperous married life and happiness in every aspect of her life. They will be blessed with wealth, good children and happy family.On the day of Mangal Gauri Vrat, the brides sanctify puja rooms and a Gouri Devi idol is made with a coconut, decorated with bangles, silk saree, gold or silver ornaments by applying Kumkum and turmeric.On Tuesday morning, the idol or picture of the Devi Mangala Gauri is placed on a small wooden platform wrapped in a red cloth.Decorate the Idol with flowers. Keep fruits, coconut, dry fruits as Prasadam. A lamp consisting of 16 thick cotton wicks made of wheat flour (atta) is lit with ghee and the devotees meditate by reciting the mantra. After performing pooja, the story of Mangala Gauri is been read and then song/Aarti of Mangala Gauri is been sung.

I performed this vrat thrice at my husband’s place. Once in my mother’s house and once it was done in a group with other newly married ladies in Ram Mandir. It was a divine experience altogether.The next day i.e. on Wednesday, the idol of Devi Mangala Gauri is immersed in a pond or lake.

Some of the pictures from Manglagauri function are here: