La La Land — A Visual Treat

Why So Late?

Yes. It’s a bit too late to write about this fantastic movie. Actually, I saw this movie yesterday at my home on Amazon Prime. And, the reason behind this delay is another movie, called as Jagga Jasoos. Though La La Land is a 2016 Release, unfortunately, Jagga jasoos came into the picture before in front of me. We (My Hubby and I) tried watching Jagga Jasoos movie twice and it was such a headache that we failed to complete it both the times. In my mind, I had taken voluntary retirement from watching musical movies. Now, when La La Land has received so many awards and has been appreciated by everyone, we both decided to take this challenge of watching it and I must say, it is a perfect example of dance and music-oriented movie.

Perfection At Its Best

Congratulations to the whole team of La La Land. They have succeeded in every area. From screenplay to acting and from music to dance everything is just so perfect! Every moment in this movie is a WOW moment.

Hypnotic Colours

La La Land takes us to a colorful world where you have to forget all your tensions and negativities and get into it. There is one musical scene in this movie where lead actress Emma Stone‘s 3 friends are convincing her to come for a party with them. In this scene, all four girls are shown in 4 different solid colored dresses. This scene totally hypnotized me for a moment and I could feel that director’s intention is just to hypnotize us for whole 128 minutes of the movie. Even after the movie had ended I wanted to see more of it. I didn’t want it to get over.


It’s ok if you are not a jazz lover. You’ll become one after watching this movie! The jazz in this movie just takes you in its arms and then you want to enjoy it, dance with it and just go with it. Even right now, I am listening to jazz music.

Dreamy But Still Realistic

It is a totally dreamy visualization in each of the frame and each of the shot in the movie. But, still, the director has not lost the connection with the reality. You can connect with any of the characters in the movie at any moment of the time. The story is about two strugglers and every human being is a struggler for a certain period of life. So, we relate to it very easily.

So, once again, I want to tell you that this movie is a perfect musical and visual treat and not at all like Jagga Jasoos. If you have already watched La La Land, then you will definitely agree with my opinions and if you have not yet watched this movie then please go, watch and experience this colorful jazz romance as soon as possible.