Yellow is my new Red

It was a regular working day for me. I was sitting in my office and got pretty indulged in my daily task list. I was suffering from a toothache for last 3 days for which I was going through some medication prescribed by my dentist. I had set alarms on my mobile just to make sure that I won’t miss any of the doses. At 11 AM the alarm buzzed and I took my medicine which was kept right in front of me, next to the desktop. I had purposely kept the medicines there so not to miss the dose however busy I am. One capsule amongst those medicines was yellow in color. I gradually started liking looking at those yellow colored capsules. I found that the yellow color was making me feel energetic. I wanted to do something creative whenever I was looking at that color. Gradually, I found out that many changes are happening in my behavior. My attitude towards the people in my circle was changed…in a good way…!!! My thinking was highly positive and straightforward and this is when my research had started!

Color Therapy

We can call it as Color Science or Color Therapy. I always love to play with different kind of color shades. But, I never knew that colors also have such a great impact on our day-to-day life. Each color has its own definitions, advantages, and drawbacks as well. You just need to study what each color has to tell you or asks you to do. In my case, as I told you just now, at present,  I am totally in love with the yellow color and when we talk about yellow color, the first thing which comes to our mind is Sunshine! Bright and shiny. So human behaviors or gestures like, happiness, energy, freshness, positivity, and creativity come along with the yellow color. The designing principles also say that yellow is the color to attract anyone’s attention. This is why the yellow color is used in traffic signals or warning signs. Why go so far? Look at our Emojis which are keeping us active and alive in the whole busy schedule. They are all in yellow color.

Color Balance

Further studies were a warning to me. Studies say that too much yellow color can distract your focus. (Too much yellow – I can relate this to Jaundice as well! Anyways…) So whatever and however love for colors you pursue, it has to be balanced at the same time. Not too high and not to low as well. Yes…not to low. If you are not able to tolerate any color and you try to avoid that certain color then think of it as a color deficiency and try to work on it. For example, Too low yellow or not liking yellow represents sickness or jealousy.

Color History

Now, when I have figured out few facts about yellow, I would like to go in my past days. I first used to like Red and after that Blue was my most favorite for a very long period. Red is color of fire and Blue is color of sea and sky. This explains me the changes in my behavior in past few years. Red color shows power and aggression whereas, Blue represents independence and freedom. It’s not that I don’t like these colors now. My liking percentage for all the colors may vary. But, I still have a full collection of Red, Blue cloths in wardrobe. So, your current behavior can be judged by summing the nature of all your personal favorite colors. This study is deep and a lot of fun also and I am totally into it.

My next step is to change the window curtains to yellow color. Also, I am balancing the colors and not getting the whole wall painted in the yellow color ( 😛 ). Also, two smiley pillows gifted by my hubby, I keep them next to me while going to sleep. I love them.

So, this was my color story. Today, try and find out which color is actually hypnotizing you and take out some time for yourself to know about your behavior. Trust me. It’s fun! If you are done with the studies, don’t forget to send me your color story here. Cheers!