Web Series vs. TV Shows (Daily Soaps)

I am not against all TV shows. But, if you are a huge fan of any of the TV show, then this personal take would be little harsh for you. It is not like I have never watched a single daily soap. I have also been victimized by this endless trap many times. The reason for this was sometimes the romantic tracks and many times the cute heroes in the serials ( 😛 ). It was all good at the beginning when the first Tsunami was brought on by Kekta Kapoor. But after a while, it was all the same and repetitive on all TV channels and our audience also gave them a green signal on every stage. So, solving the family issues of leading actress became a tradition of prime-time TV shows. I think this is high time for TV Daily Soaps to upgrade themselves. Alarm for your TV shows. Please wake up! Because, on another side, web series are creating magic. They have covered almost all the genres and revolutionary topics which can give us some kind of message. Due to which, today’s practical young generation has chosen this non-daily but still scheduled and sensible path to follow.

TV Series: Please find some other topics than women

I agree that women have many issues in their lives. But, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect all other issues and just focus on us. Nowadays, if you switch to any of the TV shows, you’ll find something or the other going wrong with the leading actress. It can be anything. Breakup, affair, marriage, murder, death, Saas-Bahu topics and last but not the least, re-entry of the leading actress and her multiple plastic surgeries! What are you trying to show us all lovely producers and directors? Why are we not focusing on other possible topics? Why are you blocking prime time of the day with a bunch of nonsense and endless stuff when you can utilize it for great shows.

Few suggestions

A few years ago, I used to watch this show called “Zaika India Ka” on NDTV Imagine. It used to come on Sunday afternoon, at 1:30 pm. I must say, it was such a wonderful show. Vinod Dua was the host of this show. It was a very simple and compact concept. A guy goes to various regions in India, tastes the famous and favorite dish of that region and describes the making and ingredients in a sweet and short way to the viewers. I used to wait for this show to come on every Sunday. We stay in India. We have multiple natural gifts. We have social and political issues as well. We can use these topics and make a good material for our loyal viewers. Permanent Roommates, Pitchers, Tripling, these are some other few other series which were short-termed and still more entertaining.

Experimentation is Obligatory

It is not that each and every web series was a success. There are many disappointments. But still, web series are covering all the genres. If I talk about Netflix, Oh my God! those series have gone far ahead. Stranger Things(Horror), The Good Place(Fictional Comedy), Ugly Delicious(Documentary), The Office(Comedy) they are in all areas. They are targetting every type of audience and experimenting on a variety of topics. Take “The good place” for example. This series is about life after death. Sounds serious right? But it’s not. It is a damn comedy and fun series. Intellectual writing of this series stole my heart. If I talk a little more, I’ll give some spoilers. So let’s move on to “The Office“. This series represents daily office routine of employees in a funny way. I love this series so much that I can write a whole new article about it. If I have to summarize in short, I would say that last episode of the last season made me cry. Not that it was a sad ending. But, the perfection and the chemistry between the co-stars gave me that overwhelming feeling. Many of you must have watched “The Tripling“. The story of 3 siblings, who meet each other after a long time in a very unusual manner and on a very unusual track of their lives. All mentioned above are short termed series, full of surprises. Currently, I am watching a show called “Somebody feed Phil“. This is a show all about foodgasm. You can’t wait to see all the places shown by Phil in this show. Phil travels to different places and different corners of different countries of the world and explores the food and traditional dishes of that particular place. Phil and the show both are very charming. As I mentioned earlier, web series have spread their arms and acquired every single topic, which we come across in our day-to-day life. This is the prominent reason why I get pissed of at Daily Soaps so much! Experimentation is out of the question but they are not tired of focusing only on women issues.

Budget is not the criteria

High profile businessmen, huge sets, rich people and fancy jewellery and sarees are no more attracting the normal audience. Because they are not able to connect with such kind of shows on a basic level. Instead of this, if you can make some travel shows, standup comedy shows or come up with some new concept, it will be cherished by a large group of society.  Create a qualitative show and not just a good-looking show.

No hatred but a fear of losing

Yes. Please don’t come to the conclusion that I hate TV and TV shows. There is no hatred but, the fear of losing the affection towards it. I have grown up watching “Superhit Muquabla”, “Nukkad”, “Circus” and many more quantitative shows. I still have that raw taste of those talented creations in my mind. There was so much to give to the audience from the directors and actors of that time. The best gift of which is in front of us today, in the name of Mr. Shah Rukh Khan. So, dear television please go back in time, downgrade yourself for a little while and check if you can find a hidden treasure for forthcoming generations! I’ll be waiting outside.