Techno Savvy – Parents and Parenting

Yesterday, I witnessed something unusual which amazed me up to a certain extent. My Grandmother-in-law was taking rest in her bedroom and I was busy with some kitchen stuff. All of sudden, she exclaimed which I could hear easily. She said, “Oh yes! I wanted to check on camera, who took out the flower from our garden area.” I couldn’t think of what is she talking about. I went to her and what I saw was the coolest thing happening. As we stay on ground floor, for security purposes, we have a wi-fi camera (YI Camera Wireless Security Surveillance) installed on our main door. So, when I went to her room she was checking the certain time slot on camera of the evening when we lost a flower from our garden. After some time, she declared that he was a kid from one of our neighbours in society. This whole scenario brought a lot of thoughts in my mind regarding how technology is helping us in our day-to-day lives and how we need to literate our parents about new upcoming technologies and gadgets in the market.

Long Distance Kindergarten

Another incident from recent days is related to one of my closest colleagues in my office, Mrs Vijaylaxmi Soni. She and I know each other for last 3 months I believe. She sits right next to me. As we started chit-chatting, I came to know about how she leaves her 2 young kids at home and comes to the office on daily basis. Her husband also goes to the job so, she has a full day maid appointed at home to take care of her kids. Though the kids are not alone, I had seen her restless and thinking about kids many times and which is obvious to do so. She is a mother after all. Once, I suggested her about the Wi-Fi Camera which is installed at our home. I also gave her a demo regarding the same on my mobile. She really liked the concept and finally installed in her living room. now, she is very much stress-free, as she gets to see every minute of her kids at home when she is physically not present there.

Be The Tutor

Yes, we need to educate our parents about the new upcoming gadgets, apps which can make their lives much easier. I know this will be a time-consuming task. But, teaching us A, B, C, D and 1, 2, 3, 4 must not have been an easy job for them as well! The apps like Uber, Ola, M-indicator and much more are just to make their life go easier. We all have a Smart phone nowadays. But, using it smartly is totally a different scenario. My husband is very well-known as a Tech Guru in his friend’s circle. Not just because he has a good knowledge of new upcoming technologies but he has taught all of us in the family and friend about every single thing which can be possibly useful for us. Now, I am also doing the same and feeling proud of it. You can also organize workshops regarding the same for all your society members and especially the senior citizens where you can give them a demo of these useful apps and gadgets.

Today, I am going to teach my parents about how to pay electricity bills online. What is your next move towards the Techno Savvy Generation?