An accidental trip to Paradise!

Just try to feel this scenario! You have planned a weekend trip. But, you have a working Saturday. So, you had to struggle for that holiday in the office. When you were succeeded in getting a holiday, you wrapped up all your work and ran to your planned destination for that weekend. But, when you are at your destination, you come to know that your planned picnic spot is restricted for the next 1.5 months. Painful, isn’t it? Something like this happened to me last weekend. But the second part of the story is unbelievable!

A great escape from Mumbai!

Yes! It was a great escape only. If you want to be surrounded by nature, the first thing you’ll do is that you will get out of Mumbai. I and my husband also had the same kind of plan in our mind. We both are nature lovers. Mountains, rivers, waterfalls fascinate both of us. We were eager to go to the planned destination near Karjat. First, we reached my husband’s uncle’s house. He suggested us to relax for the next 1-2 hours so that we can leave to visit caves. After some time, we had left for our journey in Prehsit(My husband)’s uncle’s car. I could see all the greenery on both sides of the car.

No Entry – Stop! Go back!

Just when my brain was about to get melt in this beauty of nature, I could see that some policemen were standing at a Dhaba(small road-side restaurant) and waving hands at us. They asked us to stop and go back.  When we ask for a reason, they told us that, We have collected 2-3 dead bodies in the last few weeks from a few spots. So, its a majority decision taken by all seniors authorities, that main 4 spots here will be closed for next 1.5 months(means till the rainy season ends). Me, Preshit and uncle, we got very upset. We had no other option than returning from there.

Boundaries on nature

While taking a U-turn, Uncle started talking about why this happens every year. He said, “Many young people come here on weekends. Do a lot of drinking and they drink so much that they don’t have control over their activities which results in falling into a waterfall, river and die.” These words brought many thoughts in my mind.

The first question was “Why to die such a cheap death?”

If you want to die then go on our borders. Stand next to our soldier. Fight for the nation and then if you die while fighting for the nation, it’ll be a proud death.

The second question was “If these guys wanted to just drink and do party, it could have been done in a resort or under the 4 walls as well! Why choose this valuable(and risky at the same time) place?”

When I was thinking about all these things, Uncle said, “Nature lovers like us suffer because of this type of people.” Very true! This is my message to the young generation. Kindly avoid alcohol parties on such risky and valuable places. By doing this, You are nothing but lining boundaries on nature for other people like us.

Paradise was waiting for us!

Just when I was annoyed with so many thoughts in my mind, I heard that uncle was saying something. Actually, he felt very bad that we have come all the way from Mumbai and could not get to see the caves. He started thinking about any other places near that spot. Uncle said that all main spots will be closed everywhere now. Now its time for us to explore and find out a new hidden spot which is not known to anyone. He drove the car for the next 10-15 minutes and stopped at one point. He asked us if we can walk from here. We were damn excited. Oh, cmon! Who gets to explore some new place on weekdays. The sky is also hardly visible from corporate offices nowadays. We started walking with him. After walking for 15-20 min what we saw just amazed us. It was a full chain of waterfalls! We were suddenly surrounded by river, waterfalls, and mountains. What else a true Mumbaikar could ask for

We got a company

When we saw 12-15 minor and major waterfalls in front of us, we had to go little further so as to take a closer look. We chose one waterfall amongst them and started walking ahead. all we could see was the waterfalls and mountains under the fog. 20 min later we got a company on our trek. They were 2 tribal boys. This was the moment when we realized that we are in the tribal area! We asked them to guide us the path to and from. They also agreed to show us the path for 100 Rs. (Not a bad deal right?) One of the tribal guys came with us. He told us that it’ll take 1 hour to reach there. We knew that his 1 hour means 2 hours for us. We started walking. That tribal guy was a very skinny guy but he was walking as if he is flying on the road. Mud, river, rocks, everything was like a plain road for him. On the other side, we were struggling, waiting and thinking of how to cross the rocks and how to avoid the mud. I could see small baby crabs under my feet running and jumping. After a while, we had entered a jungle. This part was a little scary and exciting as well. When we were walking in the jungle, many times, the tribal guy had left us and went ahead. Every time he had to come back and wait for us.

Nature at its best

After a continuous walk of around 1.5 – 2 hours, we had reached the waterfall. It was beautiful. As soon as we reached there, it started raining in 5-10 minutes. This was like a cherry on the cake. We were very happy. Uncle clicked some of our pictures and we also clicked his few pictures. But, I had no interest in taking my pictures but, to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere at that moment. Waterfall, rain, jungle, greenery…it was the best combo we could have ever get! Nothing was planned and we were just dropped there from a polluted and devasted city. One more thing. This place was not known to anyone. I can say this because there was no garbage or empty bottles in our path. It was a divine jungle.

Don’t want to go home

And Yes! We then have to come back home. While returning, the uncle asked the tribal guy if there exist any animals in this jungle? I was expecting an answer “NO” from the tribal guy. But, he said yes. There is Tiger in the jungle. This was the moment when I almost started running. I was ahead of the tribal guy as well in the return journey! When we came back home, I just had the vision of what I saw there in the jungle and thought that we are leaving in a concrete jungle, far away from the actual life, greenery and nature.

I desperately want to tell everyone about the exact location where we had gone to. But, if I do so, I am afraid that when I’ll try to go to this place next time, this spot will also be among the restricted ones!