Bhutan — Heavens Fall Here

Ah, Bhutan!

Bhutan is a very special destination in my life for two blissful reasons. The first reason would be the seamless and unspoiled nature of Bhutan and the other reason is that it was the getaway for my honeymoon too.

I was surely excited about my Bhutan trip. I did some research via brother Google regarding Bhutan and I came across the term “Gross National Happiness“. This term made me more curious about this country. Also, I read somewhere that the Bhutan Govt. promises that a minimum of 60 percent of Bhutan’s total land shall be maintained as forest for all time. Woah! This info fascinated me to go to this heavenly unreal place.

Bus in BhutanWe headed towards this dreamy place on 2nd of December, 2016. When we got down at the airport, we received a very warm welcome from Mr. Chenda Dorji. Later, I got to know that he was our tour guide for the whole trip. His attire was normal T-shirt and jeans when we met him first. He took us on a Mini Bus and our journey to the most dreamy place had begun.We were all set to get lost in nature for next 14 days! On the way, we got friendly with Dorji and he introduced us to Bus Driver Phuntso. Dorji had one mic with him in the bus. He started telling us all the info regarding Bhutan and informed us that we were first needed to go to the administration office for registration, which was at “Samdrup Jongkhar”.

Samdrup Jongkhar

We stopped at Samdrup Jongkhar. Dorji asked us to wait outside the office. We were waiting for a few minutes and Dorji was back in some time. But, this time he was in his traditional attire. Afterwards, he explained to us that national dress is compulsory for all people when they are on duty.


I started enjoying all these small things as they were so mesmerizing. After the administration work, we left from Samdrup and moved to our next destination, Trashigang. We had a visit to a Dzong, where preparations were going on for Mongar Festival.


We got to attend one of the most important festivals in Bhutan, the Mongar Festival.


After Mongar, Jakar was our next destination. We went to Jakar Dzong. Dzongs serve as the religious, military, administrative, and social centers of their district. They are often the site of an annual religious festival.


In Trongsa also, there was a Dzong visit and we moved ahead to Punakha.


Punakha Dzong is the biggest dzong in the country. This place has its own specialty. Its been surrounded by Male and Female River. These two rivers meet here. Yes! you heard it right. Mo (Female) Chu (river) and Pho (Male) Chu. They say the one which is calm is the Male River and the one which is most unstable is the Female River. Isn’t that obvious? 😉


And we were in the Capital City of Bhutan. Thimphu was so much colorful and peaceful that I found that city unreal for a moment. What not was there! We went to a wildlife sanctuary. Then, at one place people were making their national dresses. After that, there was a handcrafted work going on where people were working on their traditional arts. More than all of these there was a huge statue of Gautam Buddha.


Paro was a magnificent and eye-pleasing experience. The resort where we were staying for two days was facing the airport and there was a river passing in between Airport and the resort. We were able to see flights taking off and landing on the runway from our room window.

Altogether, Bhutan was a wonderful experience and we are surely looking forward going there once again. If you are also willing to go there and take a close look at nature, then please don’t give it a second thought. Let me know via email if you have any queries about the tour or a perfect package for Bhutan. I’ll surely help you out as best as I can.