Ekadashi — A Hidden Treasure

Recently, I had posted a few photographs on my Instagram profile. They were pictures of dishes I tried at a place called “Ekadashi”. After posting the stories, I got multiple views and several inquiries regarding the location of this restaurant. That’s when I decided to share my experience here about this hidden treasure.

Meaning of Ekadashi

Ekadashi is the eleventh lunar day of each of the two lunar phases, which occur in a Hindu calendar month. Many Hindu people keep fast on this day. Because it is considered to be a spiritual day in Hindu’s life. On the other hand, we, Maharashtrians have this funny phase called, “Ekadashi Duppat Khashi“. Which means that “It’s Ekadashi… So, eat double!” The reason behind this is, the dishes which are considered to be valid for fasting (e.g. Sabudana Khichdi, Sabudana Vada, Potato Fries, etc.) are heavier in calorie count than the regular food.

Why so much explanation?

Because I had gone out for brunch to this place called “Ekadashi”. This place just mesmerized me because of its simplicity and the variations in the dishes. Though this place was small in size, it had 4 to 5 tables to sit, but still, it was a divine experience to have Maharashtrian food over there.

Where is it?

This place is located at Dadar West, near Sena Bhavan. As you can see in the picture, the whole road in front of Ekadashi is blocked due to the Metro work going on there. Still, people are somehow managing to come to this place. What else can define Ekadashi’s value more? I noticed one more thing. Majority of the shops in the same line were closed. But, Ekadashi was open. So, you can surely imagine the quality and taste these folks are serving here.

What did we eat?

Well! Do you seriously want to know? 😛 actually… We tasted every single dish available at that moment! We had Misal Paav, Kothimbir Wadi, Thalipeeth, Mini Batate Vade and last but not the least… The ultimate “Keshar Limbu Sarbat”(a must-try!). Every dish was cooked and served at its best! Kothimbir Vadi and Thalipeeth were served on a Banana leaf. Also, there was homemade butter served with the Thalipeeth which made the dish more than just perfect! I myself being a Maharashtrian could have been a great critic of this food. But, I got exactly what I asked for! No fusions and no fancy decorations. This impressed me a lot! I can say that simplicity and originality is the essence of each and every dish here.

The Total Cost

Any guesses? This heavenly delicious Maharashtrian food had cost us not more than 500/- Yes! This is a fact.

Multiple times, we go to big restaurants, we pay a big amount for the dishes which are not worth it! And we end up with a huge disappointment. Ekadashi will never ever disappoint you. Won’t ask for big amounts and you’ll be totally satisfied with the taste of the food. For all these big reasons, I would surely recommend this place!