My Personal Photographer

Yeah! He is none other than my husband, Mr. Preshit Deorukhkar. He loves photography and I love getting photographed. He clicks thousands of my photots and I love it. But, he himself doesn’t like to get clicked in a picture and he is a real hater of selfie concept ????

Jab we Met

We got married in 2016. We have completed our first year in November 2017. It is an arranged marriage. When our kundalis were matched and both families were agreed, we both decided to meet at a restaurant. It was Häagen-Dazs in Phoenix, Lower Parel. He was not speaking or he couldn’t speak more because I was talking a lot out of nervousness. But, he asked me only 1 question twice in the meeting. Now I know why would he must have asked me that question.

Ek Sawaal 2-2 Jawab

Do you like travelling? In my mind, my answer was “I only love travelling.” But, to maintain decency, quietly I said, “Yes. I like travelling a lot. ” Now, after our wedding, we travel a lot and every time I remember his question.

OMG, he loves photography

While talking, he told me that he loves photography and I exclaimed, “You like photography?!” and he took this exclamation in wrong way. He asked me, “Do you also like photography?” And then I replied, “Yeah, But I love to be on the other side” and he laughed.

Ek Duje Ke liye

Now, we know each other for almost 2 years and I am totally into him. I love to be with him. He encourages me to learn new upcoming features and technologies which will help me to grow my career. He is leading his own company named as Ixyr Media and I love his profession. Sometimes, I get the opportunity to work with him and help him in his work which always overwhelms me. He is a good listener too. He listens and reacts to each and every sensible to non-sense thing I say. Never ignores me. He has a very cute solution for almost every problem in my life ????.

Event pe Event

Preshit has always included me in every single event of his life. This habit of his introduced me to the beautiful organisation, “Prayog Malad” and the whole loveable family of Prayog Malad. Various programs/activities (Such as “Filmingo International Shortfilm Festival“) organised by Prayog Malad keep both of us socially active for whole year.

Forever and Ever

So, all in all, he is my Philosopher, Guru and Best Friend. He has all those qualities which I was looking for in my soulmate. I wish to grow old with him and stay blessed forever!