Uber “P”e Story – Raise Your Voice

This week’s mega news about Uber incident happened to my husband Preshit Deorukhkar. I was the first witness to hear about this whole incident. Let me start with this story from the start. Preshit messaged me around at 3 pm that he got late to the office. When I asked him the reason, he just sent me his tweet thread about what has happened in the past 2 hours. After reading the whole thread I was laughing out loud for the next 2 minutes. Let me first share the tweet he shared. Preshit’s Tweet

Tweet in brief

I’ll narrate you the whole scenario in short. The Uber driver registered as name “P” in the app had already started the trip long before he picked up Preshit. When Preshit tried to get in touch with the driver, he was not reachable. After this disappointing and unpleasant experience, he booked an Ola cab, so as to reach office as soon as possible. But, he kept tracking the ongoing Uber trip simultaneously and kept tweeting about it. But, in a very hilarious manner.

Tweet and Retweet

In an hour after the tweet, Preshit told me that people are liking the thread and many people are retweeting it. Also, he got a few suggestions about making a comedy short film about it. Many people said that this type of blunder has happened to them earlier which was quite shocking. Few said we need to see a blockbuster end to this whole thriller story.

Celebrity Touch

The tweet got its glamour when celebrities like Gaurav Kapur and Anurag Kashyap retweeted it by praising Preshit for this act. When Preshit got pat on the back from Anurag Kashyap, who is in limelight nowadays because of his show “Sacred Games”, it was an overwhelming moment for both of us and our friends and families. After this, the tweet got viral like anything.

Uber’s Approach

In this whole scenario, Uber’s approach was very light. They were not at all interested in taking any kind of action. By the way, this trip charged him a total cost of Rs. 857.43. Yes! A price for Uber driver’s roller coaster ride. After a lot of struggle, he got this price refunded from Uber. If I check the replies to the tweet, this type of blunder has happened to many people earlier. This is a bit serious. I wonder why Uber is not taking any action against this flaw in the app.

What went wrong

There is another approach to look at this incident. This could have been stopped. Ola cabs have an OTP system. Without entering the OTP, The trip can’t be started. Uber also can come up with some kind of idea. Oh Yeah! Of course…not asking you to be a copycat and do the same. But, come up with some intellectual solution. Also, this doesn’t mean than Ola cabs are better and I am promoting Ola. These all cabs have their own flaws in some sense. Once I was in Ola and driver kept me telling that if he completes 3 rides in the whole night, he’ll earn some reward points and extra money as well. I had started the trip from Lower Parel towards Malad. The driver was constantly complaining about how he was expecting a short trip and now he has to go too far towards Malad. He was driving at full speed and I was just praying to the God that please drop me home safely today!

Raise your Voice

It was a small incident happened to him. But, it taught a lot. He just raised his voice against it and got justice. The driver got punishment for whatever he did. He lost his job in Uber. Preshit got his refund. We just need to remember that we have to raise our voice for what we want and for what’s been wrong! So that, this type of events will not happen with other people.

Story in Media

This story was nearly everywhere for a whole 1.5 weeks.