Wayanad, Kerala — in the Lap of Nature

More than anything, this destination has a special place in my memories for its weather and the greenery. For a typical Mumbaikar like me, such a climate was nothing short of being in heaven. This place has everything that you are might be looking for to take a quick escape from a polluted and hectic day-to-day life. My husband and I went to this place a little over 2 months ago to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. We stayed at an exotic resort called ‘Banasura Hill Resort‘. We took a flight from Mumbai to Calicut and then it was a 4-hour journey by road to this heaven. The climate started getting much cooler as we entered Wayanad.

The Founder

Not the Resort Founder, but the founder of this wonderful place is my husband. I love my husband more than 1000 times for taking me to this most awesome place. This place is itself a jungle. The property is made without any kind of deforestation. We spent whole 4 days at the resort and it was a wholesome experience.

The View

The view from the resort was pleasant all the time. The resort is located at the foot of the Banasura Hills and the hills are always covered with the clouds.

Good Food, Good Mood

The food in the resort is… wait, I am thinking about how to describe it in one word. It was limitless first of all and it was super delicious!

South Indian Kerala food was served in the afternoon whereas, Punjabi and Chinese food were served for the dinner and everything was absolutely tasty.

Resort Visit

After lunch, we went to see the tea plantation and the waterfall which was in the resort area. After this quick visit, we decided to relax in our room — The Earth Room. These rooms were made entirely out of mud, with a roof of bamboo and coconut palm fronds. As soon as we entered the room it was absolutely surreal.

The BBC News calls it as a mud haven — India’s only “earth” resort and possibly the largest of its kind in Asia.

Endless Perfection

We went to many different places in next 3 days. Banasura Dam, Wildlife Sanctuary, Iruppu falls, etc. One thing was common everywhere — the cleanliness. People there have not yet made them picnic spots where people go and create as much as trash as they can.

The Day

On our Wedding Anniversary, we assured ourselves that we’ll spend maximum time with ourselves. We first went to swimming pool. There was no-one else in the pool. We had a great time for 1-2 hours in the pool. Afterwards, we took an Ayurvedic Spa. It was a divine experience.


So overall, it was a perfect decision to go to Kerala for our first wedding anniversary. I wish to go there once again in near future. You guys also please try and go to this place full of nature.